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CIRIEC No. 72 [ISBN 978-84-95003-89-8]
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Competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of agri-cooperatives
Why are cooperatives not predominant in traditional fruit and vegetable sector systems? A comparison between Spain and France
Author: Juan Ramón Gallego Bono y Annie Lamanthe
Keywords: Agri-food systems, fruit and vegetable systems, agricultural cooperatives, marketing, institutions, conventions, trust, power, France, Spain.  
Econlit keywords: O130, O180, Q130, Q170, Q180.  
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Export success in Spanish agri-food cooperatives. Proposal of a model from an international marketing perspective
Author: Teresa Fayos, Haydeé Calderón y Juan Mir
Keywords: Agri-food cooperatives, internationalisation, export success, strategic marketing.  
Econlit keywords: Q130, Q170, F230, M160, M390.  
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Analysis of cooperative activities in agribusiness
Author: Carmen De Nieves Nieto, Eva Martínez Caro y Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver
Keywords: Cooperation, agribusiness, direct agents, indirect agents, reasons, advantages, threats.  
Econlit keywords: P130, Q130, O180.  
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Agri-food cooperatives and the challenge of globalization: “adapt or die”
Author: Ángela Triguero-Cano y Mª Carmen Cuerva Narro
Keywords: Cooperatives, agri-food industry, R&D spending, innovation, business strategies, market structure.  
Econlit keywords: L100, L250, L660, Q130.  
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Fruit and vegetable cooperatives and the economic crisis. The need for commitment to competitiveness. Economic and financial aspects
Author: Beatriz Encinas Duval, Enedina Calatayud Piñero y Gabriel García Martínez
Keywords: Agricultural cooperatives, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, financial analysis, cooperative management.  
Econlit keywords: M400, P130, Q130, Q140.  
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How do successful cooperatives apply the co-operative principles? The Hojiblanca Group
Author: Cristina Pedrosa Ortega y Mª Jesús Hernández Ortiz
Keywords: Co-operative, co-operative principles, success, participative management, case study.  
Econlit keywords: Q130, M100 G300, G390.  
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The attitude of cooperatives towards human resources management in their foreign subsidiaries. The case of Basque cooperatives
Author: Aitziber Lertxundi
Keywords: Cooperatives, human resources practices, internationalization, “best practices”, Basque Country.  
Econlit keywords: M500, M540, M160, P130.  
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Economic globalization and the cooperative movement. An empirical study of the Argentinian Cooperative Sector
Author: Paula Arzadun
Keywords: Cooperative sector, Argentina, globalization, exports, imports, foreign subsidiaries.  
Econlit keywords: F190, J540, L190.  
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Labour-managed companies face the challenges of the future in a context of economic crisis: proposals for action
Author: Sonia Martín López y Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez de las Vacas
Keywords: Employee-owned companies, worker cooperatives, labour-managed firms, economic crisis, challenges, opportunities.  
Econlit keywords: G010, L260, J540, M130.  
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Credit unions and ethical banking. A path worth exploring?
Author: Manuel Castro Cotón y Noelia Romero Castro
Keywords: Credit unions, social responsibility, ethical banking.  
Econlit keywords: G210, G230, G290, 0570, P130, Q500.  
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