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CIRIEC No. 73 [ISBN 978-84-95003-90-4]
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Social economy, an international perspective. 25 Years of CIRIEC-España
Social Economy, an international perspective. Introduction
Author: José Luis Monzón and Rafael Chaves
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Social entrepreneurship: the new narrative for the practice of the social economy
Author: Nuria Toledano
Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, social economy, narrative, story.  
Econlit keywords: M140, M100, O100, B490, P490, Z130.  
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Social economy and the fourth sector, base and protagonist of social innovation
Author: Julio Jiménez Escobar and Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez
Keywords: Fourth sector, third sector, social economy, social innovation, social enterprises, community foundations, peer to peer charities, e-social banking.  
Econlit keywords: L200, L300, P130.  
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Foundations and social economy: conceptual approaches and socio-economic relevance
Author: Marta Rey García and Luis Ignacio Álvarez González
Keywords: Foundations, social economy, non-profit organizations, third sector, socioeconomic impact, INAEF.  
Econlit keywords: D640, D710, L300, L310, L390.  
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High-growth cooperatives: financial profile and key factors for competitiveness
Author: Oriol Amat and Jordi Perramon
Keywords: Worker cooperatives, service cooperatives, high-growth cooperatives, competitiveness factors, financial information, management tools.  
Econlit keywords: M100, M140, M400, P130.  
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Financial information and restructuring of spanish savings banks in a context of crisis. Changes in the regulation; content and evolution of FROB
Author: Salvador Marín Hernández, Ester Gras Gil and Marcos Antón Renart
Keywords: FROB, SIP, banking regulation changes, early warning systems.  
Econlit keywords: P130, Q130.  
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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Financial Sector: Are Financial Cooperatives Ready to the Challenge?
Author: Élias Rizkallah and Inmaculada Buendía Martínez
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, Canada, financial service cooperatives, voluntary disclosure, content analysis.  
Econlit keywords: G280, G380, M140, P130.  
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How viable are spanish credit cooperatives after recent bank capitalization and restructuring regulations?
Author: Gemma Fajardo García
Keywords: Cooperative credit, legislation, financial crisis, restructuring process, Spain.  
Econlit keywords: K290, G010, G210, G280.  
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Good governance in the entities of the social economy
Author: Mª del Carmen Muñoz Medraño and Juan Briones Peñalver
Keywords: Social economy, good governance, democratic management, cooperation, results, social cohesion, organisational culture, efficient management.  
Econlit keywords: M140, M100, P130, G300.  
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Social economy and stakeholder theory, an integrative framework for socialization of the capitalism
Author: José Luis Retolaza and Leire San-Jose
Keywords: Social Economy, Ontological Stakeholder Theory, Business Ethics, Integrative Social Stakeholder Model, Participation, Governance.  
Econlit keywords: M140, P130, Q130.  
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The interrelationship between the demands of Corporate Social Responsibility and co-operative principles and values
Author: Ricardo J. Server Izquierdo and Jordi Capó Vicedo
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, management, interest groups, cooperatives, stakeholders.  
Econlit keywords: M140, P130, G300.  
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