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CIRIEC No. 10000
Characteristics of the Social Journalistic Enterprises
Author: Francisco Javier Caro-González, Macarena Pérez-Suárez & Isadora Sánchez-Torné
Keywords: Social Enterprises, Journalistic Enterprise, Non-profit organization, Journalism, Social Economy.  
Econlit keywords: A13, O350, L82, D64.  
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Characteristics and management of ethical codes. An exploratory study in Andalusia
Author: Mercedes Ruiz-Lozano, Araceli de los Ríos-Berjillos & Salud Millán-Lara
Keywords: Ethic codes, values, social responsibility, management, Andalusia, SMEs.  
Econlit keywords: M14, M10, Z13.  
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Crisis’ consequences on recapitalization and exposure for Cypriot and Greek cooperative banks
Author: Simeon Karafolas & Akis Kleanthous
Keywords: Cooperative banks, credit risk, recapitalization, crisis, Cyprus, Greece.  
Econlit keywords: E44, G01, G21, G32, G33.  
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From a Popular Economy to a Popular and Solidarity Economy in Quito: A Case of Indigenous Urban Immigrants in the San Roque Neighborhood
Author: Oscar Jaramillo Carvajal & Víctor Jácome Calvache
Econlit keywords: A13, D23, J61, P13, P2, Z1.  
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